Credit Management for Latin America: Four Areas To Focus On

One of the fields companies should focus on when they do business in Latin America is to have a region-focused credit management. Here are four areas each credit management team should focus on when their companies do business in Latin America.

Due Diligence regarding Businesses in Latin America

The moment business relationships are built up in Latin America, and before actually closing deals, companies should do proper due diligence to make sure they are working with reliable business. Know your client, learn about their financial behavior, be aware of local economic, social and political circumstances of the place of business of your potential business partner: a good start means that potential issues and loss of money or business later on may be limited to a minimum. Have a look at this post if you would like to know more about due diligence in Latin America.

Account Receivables Management for Latin America

Latin America account receivablesOnce business operations in Latin America begin and your company starts closing deals, it is essential to have an account receivables management designed specifically for Latin America. To do so, cultural aspects, language requirements, knowledge of local socio-economic circumstances, currency controls, and potential legal matters should be taken into account. Design a strict account receivables management cycle, including regular email follow ups and phone calls, and be prepared to be flexible where necessary. It is important to closely cooperate with your sales or relationship management team, and local representatives of your company in Latin America, if any, depending on the size of the business. Sometimes a proper solution for companies may be to outsource (part of) the account receivables management in Latin America to specialized providers, who speak the languages, operate in the proper timezones and under local cultures and legal circumstances.

Debt Collection for Overdue Invoices in Latin America

Latin America collecting debtFor an effective credit management, it is important to have your debt collection options ready once the cycle of account receivables management has finished and there are overdue invoices payable by clients in Latin America. You should build up relationships with debt collection agencies or partners in Latin America who can assist you promptly once needed. If your company does substantial business in Latin America and there is continuous volume of deals, clients and eventually non-paying clients – debtors – you should have a pre-negotiated deal in place with an international debt collection agency with either a branch or partners in Latin America, to whom periodically cases are handed to collect the outstanding debts. If you would like to learn more about debt collection in Latin America, please have a look at our selection of blog posts about this subject by clicking here.

Latin America: Legal Support

Working out a commercial deal with a client in Latin America, (potential) legal issues that come up during the business relationship, or legal assistance during the process of receiving payment or collecting outstanding debts: for all these matters, it is recommendable to establish a relationship with an international law firm in Latin America, or several law firms locally in Latin America. They may assist your company from the very beginning of business operations in Latin America and prevent future issues and potential costs or loss of money and business. Please click here if you would like to know more about legal proceedings in Latin America.

Make sure you set up your credit management for your Latin American business operations properly by focusing on the following four areas: due diligence, account receivables management, debt collection and legal support.

Cobroamericas is a provider of international debt collection services and focuses on collections in Latin America and the Caribbean. If you are interested in learning more or discussing issues in connection with credit management for Latin America, or in connection with international debt collection in Latin America and the Caribbean, please connect with Cobroamericas on Linked-In or follow us on Twitter.

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