International Debt Recovery: Communication Techniques

The previous two posts about communication in international debt recovery were about the context and means of communication available to the collector. This post will be about communication technics in international debt recovery.

We will describe four techniques that are without doubt essential for communication in international debt recovery.

Tight collections process

international debt recovery techniques processIn first instance, it is of the utmost importance that you set the framework when you are collecting a debt internationally. Timelines, frequent and consistent following up by email and telephone, and if and when necessary, regular mail, means you set the rules of the game. You should almost show empathy, be professional, take into account the debtor’s situation and the circumstances that may affect speed and outcome, but at the end of the day your aim is to collect as much as possible, as fast as possible. Give debtor reasonable time between the follow ups to comply with what you request or agree, but make sure there are clear deadlines and strictly follow up on your own deadlines.

Use of leverage

international debt recovery leverageWhen communicating to collect a debt internationally, you must be aware of the leverage you have – or do not have. This determines whether you can demand full payment, should look for a settlement, can go legal or not, may consider accepting return of products or goods, and if there is a reasonable chance to reach an agreement on a payment plan. Leverage can be the existence of a commercial relationship the debtor still has an interest in to maintain or re-establish, the realistic option of enforcing payment legally if no payment is done or a payment agreement is reached amicably, or the reputation debtor wants to safeguard. Understanding the leverage, you have and using it in your communication is in our opinion is an absolutely essential tool for successful international debt recovery.


3d bussines white and red humans make a handshake

When the situation requires or provides for the opportunity, be prepared to negotiate with debtor during your communication. If the situation requires so, or if debtor is reasonably looking for a settlement or a payment plan, be open to negotiate; be reasonable, be fair, but always keep in mind your client’s interest in collecting as much as possible, as fast as possible. Each situation is different in that respect, and the circumstances dictate what will be as much as possible and what fast is. Negotiation is an integral part of international debt recovery, and particularly if substantial amounts are involved that make a serious economic difference for debtor and client.


international debt recovery techniques mediationIf the reason of an outstanding international debt is a dispute, international debt recovery turns into true mediation. If the situation requires so, and as often legal proceedings is a rather expensive, time-consuming and therefore unattractive alternative, in circumstances with a dispute involved, in reality the only serious option to recover part of the debt is mediation. Obviously the aim is to recover as much as possible, as fast as possible: as you will see, that should at all circumstances be the starting point. When you mediate between debtor and your client you will have to accept that the outcome will end up somewhere in the middle. You should always look for the best solution possible for your client, taking at the same time into account debtor’s (reasonable) arguments, situation, and circumstances.

In this post we discussed four techniques for international debt recovery: a tight collection process, use of leverage, negotiation and mediation.

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