International Debt Recovery: Means Of Communication

In the previous post we discussed the importance of understanding the context for communication in international debt recovery. In this post we will mention the four basic means of communication with debtors abroad.

Regular mail

international debt collection sending letterAlthough in certain cases it is good to still send regular mail, at least if and when it might become necessary for file building in case of legal proceeding, for example, to formally have put an individual or business on notice, the letter has long lost its prominent function in international debt recovery. Often it is too slow, too unreliable and one of the less effective means of communication. Addresses are temporary, people and businesses move or even change country. We still mention it but it should not be on the top priority list.


International Debt Collection telephoneUsing the telephone to make calls is still in our view essential for effective and successful international debt recovery. Using the phone includes landlines, cell phones, WhatsApp, and Skype (the latter three also include chat options). Although one might close a deal by email only, usually understanding the context of debtor’ situation, negotiating payment or settlement, or mediation, can only be done effectively by talking to debtor.


international debt collection emailInternational debt recovery nowadays is hard to imagine without e-mail. A lot of actual payment arrangements and settlements are fully negotiated only by using e-mail. Most of all however, e-mail is a speedy way of formal communication which has almost in its entirety replaced regular mail, to transmit notices, supporting documentation, payment proposals and payment plans. What makes e-mail often even more reliable than regular mail is that people tend to stick to their personal e-mail addresses, also when they change home or country. Physical addresses generally tend to be more temporary than e-mail. For international debt recovery, in our opinion, it is absolutely essential to make use of e-mail as a main element of communication.

Social Media

international debt collection social mediaSocial Media have rapidly become very important means of communication in international debt recovery. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In offer direct chat options. Also, like e-mail people tend to stick to their Social Media which makes it resistant with respect to moves or change of country. In addition, Social Media offer an important source of information about individual debtors or companies.  Social Media should definitely be part of the means of communication in international debt recovery.

In this post we discussed the four basic means of communication in international debt recovery: regular mail, telephone, e-mail and Social Media.

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