Debt Collection Contributes To Latin American Economies

Professional debt collection services can contribute to the economies of Latin America. It is true, the overall quality of debt collection services will need to improve, and fair practices need to be determined and honored, and there may still be quite a long way to go. But there is definitely an opportunity for growth and professionalization of debt collection services and with that, the possibilities to contribute to improvements to Latin American economies.

Below eight reasons how debt collection contributes to improvement of the economies in Latin America.

Debt collection improves payment behavior in Latin America

A professional debt collection industry improves payment behavior among individuals and business. And so would a professional debt collection industry do in Latin America. Exceptions notwithstanding, payment behavior is in general poor in Latin America, both considering domestic and foreign debt. This is partly due to the absence of professional collection procedures within companies, the absence of debt collection regulations and laws and the hassle that legal proceedings mean in the majority of the countries of Latin America (click here for more info on legal proceedings in Latin America): all elements required by properly functioning professional debt collection services.

Debt collection reduces Latin American bad debt

latin america debt collectionA professional debt collection industry would mean more collections on overdue invoices for companies in Latin America and hence it would imply a reduction in bad debt, consumer debt and company debt alike. This would improve cash flow for businesses substantially and contribute to production, investment and repayment of debt for Latin American businesses.

Debt collection professionalizes procedures within Latin American businesses

A professional debt collection industry would contribute to professionalizing collection procedures within Latin American businesses. This results would not only be increasing collections on due and overdue invoices, reducing the average days sales outstanding (DSO) it would also boost general professionalization of business operations and procedures and create a healthy balance between deal making / sales / relationship management and credit management / account receivables management.  

Debt collection generate income for Latin American businesses

Debt collection means generating income for Latin American businesses. Debt Collection increases collections on overdue invoice and generates direct additional cash flow, hence an increase in income.

Professional debt collection services create business and jobs in Latin America

latin america debt collection jobsA professional debt collection industry creates jobs in Latin America. A growing debt collection industry means more companies dedicating to debt collection and more people that will need to be hired to fulfill the job.

Professional debt collection services contribute to formalizing collection rules

Debt Collection often shows the upsides and the downsides of collecting on overdue invoices. Generally, once the debt collection industry professionalizes, it will contribute to formalizing collection rules. On the other hand, collections rules will help regulating the debt collection business in Latin America. In short, to create fair debt collection practices.

Debt collection services help determine consumer rights and obligations

latin america debt collection consumer rightsDebt Collection, whether that is amicable debt collection or legal deb collection, will push for determining what consumer rights and obligations are. Bad behavior by unprofessional debt collection agencies will eventually set the terms for consumer rights. Protection of creditors rights, in an economy with professional debt collection services often represented by debt collection agencies, will set the consumer obligations.

Debt collection improves international credibility of Latin American businesses

The presence of a professional and reliable debt collection industry, debt collection regulations, creditors rights and obligations, consumer rights and obligations, functioning legal systems to enforce payment of bad debt: it will all improve the credibility and prestige of Latin American economies and businesses, and hence positively affect Latin America’s international trade, credit ratings and business opportunities for credit insurances and credit lines.

How does debt collection contribute to Latin American economies?

Debt collection can contribute to economic growth in Latin America as it potentially improves payment behavior, reduces bad debt, it professionalizes collection procedures for businesses, it generates income for businesses, a mature debt collection industry creates business and jobs, it helps formalizing national collection rules, a responsible and mature debt collection industry helps improving consumer rights and obligations, it improves credibility and prestige of national industry and therewith contributes to transnational trade.

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